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10615 East Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32817 • Phone: (407) 282-1411 • Email:
Welcome to an Exciting Restaurant!

Here at Maria Bonita, we bring the feeling, energy and taste of Mexico and Cuba to your community. We want you to savor our passion for fresh ingredients, listen to traditional music, enjoy the authentic furnishings & colors and have the time of your life. It's all about having a special place to call your own.  For your family, for your friends, for your date...It's all the things you want when you go out.
Large Groups can be accommodated for your event, Office, Birthday Party, Baby, Bridal Shower or Rehearsal dinner. You can choose from open menu, limited menu or Buffet (min. 30 people). We can help you plan the perfect dinning-party experience.

For catering, our goal is to bring  the same quality scratch cooking we offer in our restaurant to your event.
We pride ourselves in customizing our menu for our customers and give uncompromising professional service with great tasting food, after all, it's your event. Our job is to make it more enjoyable to you and your guests.